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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are audio subliminal messages all about?
Subliminal Messaging is a technique by which a message
can be moved beyond the level of conscious human hearing;
however the message still gets registered on a
subconscious level.

Q. What are 5th Generation (5g) Subliminals?
Our 5g Subliminal programs have been developed by us over
the past 10 years for you. They are the 5th upgrade to our
software being used to produce our programs at Subliminal
Euphoria CD's.
5th Generation subliminals (5g) are unlike anything else that
has come before them, and unlike anything from any other
subliminals producer. They are the fastest, most powerful
programs in the world.  They are carefully engineered and
finely tuned to be at the peak of power.

Q. I can't hear it how does it work?
To be able to form new thought patterns or learn something
we need to process the information on a deep subconscious
level. Normally, to learn anything new we would repeat it, or
read it over and over until it is lodged deeply in our
subconscious minds, and we can automatically recall the
information. However subliminal messages bypass this
conscious learning process – instead the information goes
straight to the subconscious mind.
Being able to send information directly to the subconscious
mind can therefore be an extremely effective way of learning
new skills and changing your thought patterns. It can even
be used to influence physical aspects of the body which has
given subliminal messaging credibility as an effective form
of holistic medicine.
In everyday life we receive thousands of messages a day
without fully realizing or processing them, through
advertisements, posters, and  different types of media. By
choosing to use subliminal messages you are choosing to
send your brain focused, positive life changing messages to
ensure your subconscious and conscious minds are
completely aligned to your goals!
You can "advertise" to your own mind with subliminal
messages that will bring positive improvements to your life.
Just imagine the effects of "advertising" focused messages
of confidence, success, motivation, and happiness to

Q. So is it completely effortless?
Subliminal messaging will not work for you if you are lazy
and want an instant fix without putting in any effort yourself.
If you are driven to succeed and want to do everything you
possibly can to ensure your success then subliminal
messages will  enhance your ability to achieve your goals,
and help you reach them quicker, and easier.

Q. Is there any scientific evidence?
The most widely known piece of subliminal research is the
'Movie Theater Study': Over a six-week period people were
shown two advertising messages, Eat Popcorn and Drink
Cola, while they watched a film. The messages were flashed
for 3/1000 of a second once every five seconds. This
duration was so short that they were never consciously
perceived - they were only perceived by the subconscious.
Despite the fact that the patrons were not aware of
perceiving the messages over the six-week period the sales
of popcorn rose 58%+ and the sales of Cola rose 18%+.
Due to the findings of this study the popularity of subliminal
messaging exploded, their effectiveness was established as
fact, and a great debate arose about the ethics of using
subliminal messaging on an unsuspecting audience. In 1974
a ban was imposed on the use of subliminal messaging
within advertisements by all major media networks.

Q. What will I actually hear?
The first 4 tracks on each album are relaxing ocean, brook,
rainfall, and waterfall nature sounds. The 5th track is
completely silent.
You will not hear any voices, or a guided hypnosis, all the
messages and subliminal suggestions are inaudible to the
human ear.

Q. Can You tell me more about the silent track?
The 5th track on each album is completely silent. It does not
contain any nature sounds. However it still contains the
same powerful subliminal messages
We designed the 5th track so you can listen to our
subliminal messages anywhere, anytime, without being
distracted. Many of our customers play this track as they
sleep, or leave it on while they work.

Q. Is it Safe for myself & my family?
Yes, it is completely safe. Our subliminal mp3s and CDs will
never do you any harm.
We only use positive suggestions on our CDs. They are
completely safe for use by adults and children alike.

Q. What makes Subliminal Euphoria CDs / mp3s
different from other subliminal products?
Our mission statement is to become the largest, most
reputable and trusted source of subliminal products on the
Internet and we take great pride in our work! We use quality
recording software and equipment, in studio conditions to
ensure a product of the highest calibre.
It is not just motivation that you need, you need to rewire
your subconscious mind to address your specific needs, or
help you to learn or improve particular skills.
We started our business to address this issue in the
subliminal marketplace! We want to offer a more effective
subliminal experience than anywhere else!
No one else offers a 100% guarantee as strong as ours. If
you are dissatisfied for any reason you can get your money
back. Simply email us and we will send your money back
instantly. No questions asked! We offer this ground breaking
guarantee due to outstanding customer satisfaction.
We have great confidence in all of our albums. Our CDs and
mp3s have worked for thousands of people, and they will
work for you!

Q. What techniques do you use on your CDs &
We are NLP experts, and have designed each subliminal
message on our CDs according to the principles of NLP.
Some of the NLP techniques we use are: Anchoring, Re
framing, Creating Positivity and Positive Distortion,
Accelerated Learning, NLP Influence and Persuasion,
Positive Distortion, Conditioning, and the use of Positive
messages / Affirmations.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: We also use the principles of
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in some of our CDs. For
instance when dealing with disorders or phobias. This type
of therapy works by enabling you to recognize your limiting
thought patterns, and change negative thoughts into
positive ones to overcome your issue.
We use different types of Subliminal Messages:
Regular: Normal speed messages placed above the limit of
human hearing.
Reverse: Some messages are played in reverse; this can be
decoded by your subliminal mind quite easily.
Faster: A regular message but played at a faster speed, this
can also be decoded by your subliminal mind.
Multiple at Once: We play multiple messages at the same
time, but again your subconscious mind is capable of
separating them and decoding them.
We use a range of different types of subliminal message, and
play several at once for several reasons. To give your mind a
workout, to give your mind different ways that it can
interpret the messages, and to give a cumulative effect - the
more you listen to the subliminal CD, the more information
will be absorbed into your mind and the better the effect will

Q. What technology do you use & how do you
make them?
We use state of the art ultrasonic professional recording
software to bring you a clean, clear sound, with perfectly
layered subliminal messages. Every detail in our audio
programs has been planned out, from the compatibility of
the relaxing background music, to the timing, frequency,
layering, and placement of the subliminal messages.
Instead of only recording our subliminal messages to one or
two we use "Multi-Channel Audio Recording" - meaning that
all of our CDs are recorded on multiple channels and then
compiled into one mp3. This means that more subliminal
messages are included on our albums, to give a more
effective & powerful subliminal product!

Q. How long does each CD or mp3 last?
All of our albums contain four each 10 minute tracks with
nature sounds and one 10 minute silent track, for a total
playing time of 50 minutes.

Q. What is the best way to listen?

It largely comes down to personal choice and finding a
method which fits your lifestyle. However, we do offer 3 main
guidelines and ways to listen:
Most commonly we recommend listening at least once per
day, in a relaxed seating position.
You can also listen while you work, exercise, drive, study...
You can even listen while you sleep. Many people repeat
either the whole CD on a lower volume, or just play the silent
tracks while they sleep!

Q. How often should I listen to the album?
We recommend listening to the Cd as often as possible -
ideally when you are in a relaxed state of mind. You can play
it constantly in the background for a few hours while you
work and you will still receive the benefits.

Q. Can I listen to multiple CDs at once?
Yes you can but we recommend that you do not listen to
more than ten CDs per day.
The idea is to create a focus of information entering your
subconscious mind by playing specific similar subliminal
messages on a regular basis. If the CDs / mp3s are related in
subject area it may be okay to listen to them one after each
other. However if they are vastly different then it is best to
listen one at a time and let a cumulative effect develop from
repeated exposure to the same positive affirmations!

Q. Can I play the CDs while I sleep?
Yes! Studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to
new information while you are asleep. The conscious mind is
at rest and easier access is gained to the subconscious
mind. While sleeping you process  new information you
encountered during the day and it is further stored within
your subconscious mind!

Q. How long will it take to work?
You will usually notice results within 2 weeks, but it may
even be as fast as only 1 or 2 sessions! Any two people,
even with the same subliminal messaging Cd will always
experience a difference in the quantity and speed of
changes and benefits they encounter.
Some of our CDs address deeper issues (some of our
personal development titles for example) and they will take
longer before you see results. This is due to the fact they
may be dealing with deep routed psychological issues, or
behavior that you have conditioned yourself into over many

Q. Will it work if I do not understand English?
All of our subliminal messages are in the English language,
so unless you have at least a conversational level of English
you will not get the full benefit from the CDs / mp3s.

Q. When and how will I receive my MP3s / CD?
If you purchase the Cd as an MP3 you will receive a
download link after your payment has been received.
Our CDs are mailed Monday thru Friday from our distribution
centre in South Daytona, Florida, USA.
Our shipping is extremely reliable, it usually takes 3-4 days
across the USA, and 7-10 days internationally.

Q. Can I convert a CD into Mp3s & burn a CD from
the Mp3s?
Yes, simply rip the CD into mp3s as you would with any other
music CD / Burn your mp3s onto a blank CD as you would
with any other mp3s.


Our CDs and mp3s have worked for 1000"s of people, and
they will work for you!
If you have any questions that have not been answered here
then please use our contact page  and we will get back to
you asap.

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