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Heal Body Mind & Spirit
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Heal body, mind & spirit with our Mindset Programming NLP
Training Hypnosis CD

Are you a whole person? Is everything good in your life? Are you
sick a lot? Do you feel good mentally? Are you focused? Is your
spirit thriving well? Are you ready to heal your body, mind & spirit?

Use our powerful Subliminal CD to motivate yourself!

Subliminally increase your willpower and commitment,
and stay with your new life plan!

Train your mind to win!

Subliminally reprogram yourself to boost your mind!

Reprogram your mindset to enjoy your life!

Subliminally charge yourself into an optimum permanent state of motivation!

Strengthen your willpower, determination, and drive to succeed!

Program your mind to help yourself with this powerful CD!

Win today & everyday forever!


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Available in the following formats:

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal CD - 5 Track
Only $16.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal mp3 Download - 5 Track
Only $10.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal CD - Silent
Only $19.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal mp3 Download - Silent
Only $13.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal CD - Custom Made
Only $24.99
Use your own messages / affirmations for this CD

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal mp3 Download -
Custom Made Only $19.99
Use your own messages / affirmations for this mp3 Download

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal CD - White Noise
Only $16.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Subliminal mp3 Download -White Noise
Only $10.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Hypnosis CD
Only $16.99

Heal Body Mind & Spirit Hypnosis mp3 Download
Only $10.99

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Our 5g Subliminal programs
have been developed by us
over the past 10 years for you.
They are the 5th upgrade to
our software being used to
produce our programs at
Subliminal Euphoria CD's.

5th Generation subliminals
(5g) CD's & mp3 Downloads
are unlike anything else that
has come before them, and
unlike anything from any other
subliminals producer. They
are the fastest, most powerful
programs in the world.  They
are carefully engineered and
finely tuned to be at the peak
of power.
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Messages / Affirmations Used
On This Subliminal Recording

I am at harmony within myself

I am at peace

I enjoy radiant energy from within

Today, the sun reminds me that I am
made of light

With this breath, I bless the world

I am loving kindness in action and am
healer and healed

My body is whole and healthy, and so
it is

Within and without, I feel balanced
and healthy

My mind, body and spirit are united
for my highest good

In all ways, now, I am free of illness

Light glows from every cell of my
body, with each step I am whole

I am opened to healthy choices

I am changing my outlook to see the
good things around me

I am happier

I see beauty and humor every day

I can smile more and more

I appreciate positive things

I can see differently now

I am deliberately attracting positivity
and appreciation

I am feeling better every day

I am willing to choose in the best
interest of my health

I am becoming healthier with every
choice I make

I will seek that which fills my body
with health

I am making changes which bring me
to good health

I am watching myself become the
person I was meant to be

I willingly am rising to the challenges
of better choices

I am becoming an inspiration to
myself and others, as I grow

I am seeing healthy goals as a way to
love myself

I will find the secrets to my
passionate health

I am seeking the wise person within

I have a deep sense of peace

My mind and my body are relaxed

I am calm and stress free

I am both physically and mentally

I am bringing calm and harmony into
my life

I am balanced and calm in all

I think life is beautiful

I know the world has much beauty
and goodness

I love to laugh and I am happy to
greet each new day as a gift

I feel better and better

I am calm, confident and in control

Happiness makes me healthy

I have a natural ability to relax

I am always in a state of inner peace
within my mind and body

I love myself

I have a deep and natural love for

I believe in myself

I can achieve anything I want to

I have many positive qualities

I can achieve anything

This body is a beloved temple, with
whom I am well-pleased

When joy in health is reflected by the
exercise I choose

Hope springs from every cell of my
healthy body

Everyday, I learn something wonderful
about my own health needs

The flow of all positive thoughts
affects me, and adds to my enjoyment

The Light shines in all the dark
places, to make me healthy and whole

I can do what I set out to do, because
my health is important to me

Health is gentle and kind, and in my
life, this is my goal

Peace is a way to bring health to my

I am happy just being myself

I love myself for who I am

I love myself and I love my life

I am 100% motivated, committed and
driven to Heal Body Mind & Spirit
Heal Body Mind Spirit Subliminal mp3 Download Subliminal CD
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